Rock Your Email Signature

Rock Your Email Signature!Your email signature is a great way to market your business or brand. Don’t limit yourself by just signing off with your name!

5 Tips to Rocking Your Email Signature

1. Add your company name and logo, and link them to your website.

2. Include any relevant phone numbers such as a main phone line, direct line, support line, or a number for sales/service.

3. Be sure to do the same with all relevant email addresses, including the email address you are sending from.

4. Include social media icons so that your prospects/customers/clients can easily connect with you throughout your social media channels.

5. Last but not least, add a current promotion to your signature.

The key to providing this info is to ensure that it is not overdone and is organized well. Make your email signature look professional by keeping the font styles consistent and only highlight the most important info (this can be achieved by using a bold typeface or by using a slightly different color or shading).

Not only do you make it simple for the recipient to engage with you in other ways, in the event that the email is forwarded to someone else, you’ve just created an opportunity for a new person to learn more about your business. Bottom line — Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your business. Rock your email signature!

About Paul Noia

Going back as far as I can remember, I've had a great passion for music & technology. I've studied music and played instruments since age 5. My father was a programmer for his entire professional career and I grew up with a PC. 

My first experiences writing code were with Basic. My father bought me a subscription to Antic Magazine which was a publication for Basic programmers; which I did on a 64K Atari 800XL. I spent countless hours learning Basic by hand coding applications provided in the magazine and modifying and tweaking the code until I was able to eventually code from scratch on my own. I love video games, so it was only a matter of time before I was programming games in Basic.

Throughout high school and into my early twenties I managed and played in several bands. Programming was put on the back burner for a while, but technology certainly wasn't. My band years is what really helped me hone and fine tune my marketing and sales skills.

After college and a few more bands, it was only natural for me to pursue a career in marketing and sales. The internet became an invaluable resource to me right away. What a great tool to use for prospecting!

It was while I was working as an account executive with GBC (General Binding Corporation) that I finally came to the realization that I could be very successful leveraging internet technologies to generate income. That is what ultimately lead me to start my company.