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Do you have a great website but no traffic? One of the key components to reaping the benefits of a great looking website, is VISIBILITY. Are you aware that natural or organic search engine listings result in more click throughs than Pay Per Click (PPC) links? As a matter of fact, over 95% of internet users are more likely to click on an organic/natural link generated naturally by a search engine rather than on a sponsored link, or PPC link. Internet users have grown more savvy and realize that organic listings turn out more relevant results pertaining to what they are really interested in.

Google Panda & Penguin

In 2012, Google rolled out two updates to its algorithms that penalized, and in some instances, banned websites from being indexed because of black hat SEO techniques geared to manipulate search results. The days of keyword stuffing and link farms are long over. If you want your site to index well, it’s simple. Provide relevant content that people want to consume. It’s that simple. Combining great content with a well built site that complies with modern standards, is the key to having a website that indexes well in searches.

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