Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Social Media Marketing Best PracticesAll too often, many businesses fall short when it comes to engaging their audience on social sites. If you want to succeed in the social marketing arena, you need to execute your campaigns with the following points in mind.

1. Consistency is essential.

Wouldn’t it be great to have chiseled abs with only working out once in a blue moon? Like many things in life, if you want the reward, you have to consistently work for it. This is also true for engagement in social media. Just as you need to work your business on a daily basis to ensure its success, you also need to consistently leverage your social networks.

2. Keep your posts relevant.

Consistent communications doesn’t mean that you post whatever you can, whenever you can. While it’s easy to post content that you find engaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience will. Keep your posts relevant.

While it’s true that the purpose of social media marketing is to draw more attention to your business, it’s not all about you. The key to posting relevant content is to know what your audience is genuinely interested in. Provide information from which your audience can truly benefit. If you are a services based business, be the expert and post content that adds value and will result in long term engagement and interaction with your audience. If you sell widgets, communicate how your widget will make life better for your audience.

3. Stop begging for “likes”, “shares”, and “re-tweets”.

If you’re posting content that is relevant to your audience, chances are they will want to share the info. Begging for engagement will make you look desperate. If the content is relevant, you won’t need to ask for likes, etc.

4. Quit hoping for the best.

Do not fall into the habit of randomly posting in hopes for engagement and interaction. Be deliberate in your posts and have specific goals set ahead of time. Utilize analytics to track and measure the success of your posts and learn what types of posts will achieve the activity you desire. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

It is also important to know which social sites work best for certain post types. For example, if you are a food service, sites like Facebook or Pinterest may be a better option for engagement and interaction than Twitter.